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** We encourage a detailed cleaning at least once every 3 months for optimum care. Save money and the headache of a dirty car. Set your own pay as you go budget.
Level 1 Maintenance Wash
Includes Exterior Hi-Suds hand wash, Interior lite vacuum, wheels, windows, door jambs, and more!
✅Good service for maintained vehicles
Level 2 Express Detail
Looking for a quick detail? Get a premium hand wash & one of our favorite seasonal spray waxes, with interior console sanitizing, vacuuming & mat cleaning.
✅Most popular
Level 3 Exterior Wax Detail
Keeping your paint protected adds value and LIFE to your vehicle. This service includes a clay bar wash to prep for our 1 step POLISHING WAX PROTECTION.
✅ Gloss Enhancer
Exterior Enhancements
• Machine Buffing • Scratch Removal • Swirl Removal • Oxidation Removal • Headlight Restoration • Trim Enhancement • Heavy Clay Bar Tx
Level 4 Interior Deep Clean
Complete interior vacuum, shampoo, disinfect cleaning of consoles, seats, & carpets!
✅ See, Smell, Feel the Freshness!
Interior Add Ons
Pet Hair Removal • Add Steam Cleaning • Leather Care/Condition • Scotch Guard • Odor Removal • Tough Stain Removal
Level 5 World Class Complete Detail
Combines our signature polishing wax protection with our interior deep clean service for instant increase in car value💲
✅ WOW... that’s my car
Help Choosing Service
• Choose Level 1 •
If you get frequent car washes?
• Choose Level 2 •
Looking for a quick detail with wax! This is it!
• Choose Level 3 •
Haven’t had a wax and your looking for durable paint protection. ** Extensive polishing and paint corrections are also available.
• Choose Level 4 •
You have accumulated dirt and stains in the carpet & consoles and need a good disinfecting.
• Choose 5 •
Looking to sell, trade, or just a total detail and new car feel!
Pop Up Shop / Detail Day Event
$ave when you have several vehicles done at one location. (Residential or Corporate office events) **Mobile Fee is waived**
(3) Vehicle minimum 🚙🚙🚙
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Gift Certificates Available
Give the gift of a clean car. Just give us the $ dollar amount you desire and it’s emailed to you. 🚘💦❤️