Basic Obedience DHS RESIDENCE
$60 · series class
Intro To Nosework
Introduction to nosework class is designed to teach you and your dog the basics of nosework. Engaging the dog in the "hunt". Searching for the order that gets them a reward and staying with the identified scent.
Dogs must come on a leash or long line at least 6 feet long. No retractables. A collar or full body harness only. Absolutely no headcollars or no pull harnesses in this class.
Soft but sized treats.
We do not use a clicker for this course.
$150 · drop-in class
Super Saiyan Canine
$130 · series class
Rally-O Intro
Introduction into Rally-0.
The rules
The signs
And building focus in the ring with you as the reinforcer.
$150 · series class
Nosework II
Nose work level 2. Indoor and outdoor search areas. Preparing for an ORT
$150 · series class
Basic Obedience
$60 · series class