New Patient
Your pain-free journey starts here. This appointment that consist of a thorough initial assessment, treatment and body stretch.
$85 · 50 min
Follow up care/ Maintenance
A 30 minute treatment designed to keep you feeling pain-free from your previous appointments. Including but not limited to fire cupping, myofascial release, mobility stretching, Graston Technique, Gua Sha therapy etc..
$65 · 30 min
2 Hr Muscle Regroup
This is an appointment that will get you back on track and feeling reborn. I will flush out the muscular system and release the entire body of restrictions and limitations through myofascia release, stretching, and a muscle flush.
$175 · 1 hr
On DEMAND appointment
Urgent appointment! Book this appointment by texting 713-376-7089 and you will receive a phone call to get you in within the next 24hrs.
$115 · 1 hr
90 Min Me Time
benefit of a 90-minute massage/Graston Technique is improved blood flow/circulation. By kneading out muscle knots, a massage therapist will encourage blood flow to the affected region. Of course, this translates into faster muscle recovery and healing times while also protecting against pain and inflammation
$135 · 1 hr, 30 min
20 Min Fire Cupping
One side of the body
$40 · 1 hr
Go To You
One hour of treatment

20 mile radius from 77346 ZIP Code
$150 · 1 session
Love you
$55 . gift certificate
1 Hour
$100 · 1 hr
Re/Ailgn Body Hoodies Or Shirts
$25 · 1 hr
Rock Band Flossing
Rock Band Flossing – A Magic Bullet

-Improving range of motion and joint mobility in a position of restriction.

-Reducing swelling and inflammation in a joint.

-Reducing pain (can be particularly helpful for tennis elbow pain)

-Improving muscle contraction.

-Restoring sliding surfaces.

-Releasing trigger points.
$15 · 1 hr