Complimentary Consultation
This is a consultation only. No service will be performed
Free · 20 min
Mini Facial
This is a 30 minute service to exfoliate and either hydrate or perform extractions
$45 · 40 min
Thirsty Thirty Thursday
Every Thursday night from 4-8 enjoy a glass of wine and a dermaplane for $30
$30 · 30 min
This treatment removes dead skin cells and vellous hair to leave the skin glowing and makeup flawless. A skin appropriate enzyme treatment, hydration mask and extraction are included
$79 · 40 min
European Facial
This is a traditional facial that includes facial massage, hand and arm massage, exfoliation, extraction and mask. Seasonal enzymes and mask will be used as available
$79 · 1 hr
Men's Facial
This facial is specifically for men with beards. The upper portion of the face is treated the same as other facials (cleanse, exfoliate, extract, mask) and the beard area is treated to a shampoo, skin stimulation and beard oil to maintain softness. Facial massage and hand and arm massage are also included
$79 · 1 hr
Oxygenating Facial
Vitamins, antioxidants and minerals are infused into the skin, while facial massage helps bring blood flow to the surface. This process allows the skin to oxygenate and leave look fresh and glowing. Dermaplane is included
$110 · 1 hr
Detox Facial
This treatment breaks down oil and debris from the pores, making extraction a breeze. This is great for those suffering from blackheads and breakout. Dermaplane is included
$110 · 1 hr
V Line Facial
This treatment is designed to lift and one the skin, giving the appearance of the perfect “v” jawline. Facial massage is used to stimulate the muscle. Dermaplane is included
$110 · 1 hr
Sculplla Filler Facial
This Korean facial is perfect for plumping lines and wrinkles and is made from the same ingredients as the filler “Sculptra”. We start with a lactic acid peel before the mask is applied. Results can last up to 5 weeks and treatments are recommended in a package.

Aftercare for this treatment- you CAN NOT SWEAT OR GET THE FACE WET FOR 24 HOURS POST No acids or scrubs for 1 week post
Stop prescription strength retin a /retinol 24 hours before treatment
$165 · 1 hr
xo8 Stem Cell
With only 14 ingredients, this mask is perfect for a special occasion or any time you need your skin plump and fresh. Instantly filling in lines, this treatment will have you glowing in an hour. Dermaplane is included
$165 · 1 hr
LocalFluence deal
$125 · 1 hr, 45 min
Localfluence Dermaplane
$45 · 45 min
Localfluence Seasonal
$60 · 1 hr