August Group Fitness Class Pass
Unlimited Group Classes in August
30 minute, morning & evening class options.
Live streamed through Zoom or in-person at 1215 Ivy Charm Way Private Gym.
No equipment required, but dumbbells or a mat can be incorporated.
Workouts are provided before class begins.

7AM & 6:30PM

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
7AM & 6:30PM

Wednesdays 7AM
Saturdays 9AM
$65 · 14 sessions
Strength Group Class
Improve balance, stabilization, coordination, muscular endurance, strength, and power.

Virtual through Zoom or in-person.
$10 · drop-in class
HIIT Group Class
Virtual through Zoom or in-person.

Experience High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) & Active Rest Training to increase lean muscle and burn more calories in less time!

We use short bursts of activity to spike the metabolism and keep it running at an accelerated rate for up to 36 hours after the workout.

Active Rest Training fills in the gaps between exercises with exercises targeting different muscles. This keeps the heart rate high while still giving the muscles time to rest and recover.
$10 · drop-in class
Mobility Group Class
Virtual through Zoom or in-person.

Mobility refers to the ability to move freely without stress on the body.

Train your body to move the way it’s meant to.

-Improve your range of motion and posture
-Alleviate everyday aches and pains
-Decrease muscle tension
-Reduce the risk of injury
-Boost blood circulation
-Recover faster in between workouts

Get mobile and improve your quality of life!
$10 · drop-in class
Strength & Conditioning
$20 · 1 session