Career Asessment/Consult - 90 minutes
Meet in person with Lar! This extended private consultation is reserved for you to cover your specific career needs/goals. May include on-camera assessment.
$195 · 1 hr, 30 min
Studio Member Audition Shoot
60 minutes. Schedule here to have your audition coached and shot. Edits/uploads are additional, $20 payable to editor directly.
If your audition requires more in-depth coaching, additional time may be required.
$85 · 1 hr
Photoshoot Prep & On Set Coaching
Creat a stress free and dynamic photoshoot!
1) Pre-shoot prep (1 hour) to choose wardrobe and design the looks to match your brand. Booked 2 weeks to two days prior to shoot.
2) Shoot Day (2-3 hours) I am on-set, coaching/guiding your shots to reflect the brand/character choices we have made.
As we shoot, we review each look
3) We edit the shots with you.
5) Name imprint included-ready for printing.
Want slate shots done in each look?! Add Casting Slates Shots. Additional fee
$295 · TBD
Casting Slate Shots W/ Photoshoot
Video Slate Shots for casting sites! Show casting you’re the actor for the role!
Shot during your photoshoot, your wardrobe, hair, makeup, and energy will match your shoot! We create both basic and character slates.
The perfect “mini-movie”name/character slate demo!
$195 · TBD
Personality Star Slate
Let casting see who you are! Video Star Slate sessions run 90 min in studio and include a “mini-movie commercial”of you! Lar will coach and direct you to shine, sparkle and deliver your energy! These are excellent for casting site clips/website/email signatures.
Can be re-edited - You own the footage!
$495 · 1 hr, 30 min
Non Studio Member Audition Shoot
$125 · 1 hr
Studio Membership
Actors Audition Studios Membership
Become a member of the Studio to receive discounted pricing and privileges. Yearly membership includes Lar’s book, “Get Started Not Scammed”, Private initial 90 minute online video or in person consultation, Studio T shirt, limited text & email support. Monthly live group FB call.
$495 · TBD
Private Lesson
Private Lesson
$125 · 1 hr
Private Lesson
Private Lesson for Studio Member
Price TBD · 1 hr
Monthly Tuition for Studio Member
$350 · 1 hr