Initial Consultation - 45 Minutes
Initial meet-and-greet to understand all your needs.
$50 · 45 min
Initial Consultation - 90 Minutes
An extended initial consultation to discuss your needs and career goals.
$195 · 1 hr, 30 min
Audition Shoot Or Private Lesson
$85 · 1 hr
Pro Actors Audition/Private
Private lesson/ Audition shoot for master class/ pro actors currently
$65 · 1 hr
Private Lesson/Audition Taping
Private lesson with my material or yours. Great for training and audition prepping
$85 · 1 hr
Photoshoot Prep & On Set Coaching
Creat a stress free and dynamic photoshoot!
1)Pre-shoot prep (1 hour) to choose wardrobe and design the looks to match your brand. Booked 2 weeks to two days prior to shoot.
2)Shoot Day, (2-3 hours) I am on-set, coaching/guiding your shots to reflect the brand/ character choices we have made.
As we shoot ,we “pre test”each look
3)We edit the shots with you.
4)Retouching is included
5)Name/ sizing included-ready for printing
To have casting slate shots done in each look/ wardrobe add $75.
$295 · 1 hr
Casting Slate Shots W/ Photoshoot
Actors need Video Slate Shots for casting sites! Show your right for the role!You’re already in wardrobe/ hair/makeup/ energy!
Add Video Slate Shots to your shoot day!
We shoot with great lighting,create both basic and character slates/edited
Great for pro or beginner actors. Can be used anywhere files can be uploaded. The perfect “mini-moving”name/ character slate demo!
To book Video Slate Shots without a photoshoot, schedule separately
$75 · 1 hr
Star Slate
Let casting see who you are! Video Star Slate sessions run 90 min in studio and include two “mini- movie commercials” of you! Lar will coach and direct you to shine, sparkle and deliver your energy!
These are excellent for casting site clips/website/ email signatures.
Can be re-edited to be usable for a long time.
You own the footage !
$295 · 1 hr
Video Slate Shot Add On to Photoshoot
Choose this service to add these Video Slate Shots to your photoshoot.Quick clips show your personality and character types.
Done at the same time as your photoshoot, the wardrobe /hair/makeup and energy will match your shoot !
$75 · 1 hr
First Lesson/consult -
Book here to schedule your career consultation/lesson with Lar!
$125 · 1 hr, 15 min